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Decades of experience

Hallson offer complete LV project solutions

At Hallson we have a made-to-measure ethos. We work with our clients to determine the most appropriate solution and offer a level of service that best fits the project needs.

We work with the customer, listen to their needs and requirements. Through experience gained we can suggest solutions or additions to equipment to ensure that the equipment supplied is what the customer is looking for.

As we design our own equipment we are able to keep an eye on quality of the product. We can react quickly to design changes on a project to ensure that our customers do not have to accept an off the shelf product that they have to adapt to.

All equipment is tested before despatch and set up as far as can be so that commissioning time spent on site is kept to a minimum.

Pressed for time with other parts of the project? Need the equipment installing? We can install the equipment for you. The equipment is installed and tested with paperwork provided to prove this. We are used to working in many sectors of industry.

We can manage every stage of the production process



Many years of experience allows us to design equipment to help the customer quickly install and easily operate the equipment.



We have a close relationship with our suppliers. This ensures that quality and delivery times are kept on top of. It also enables us to react quickly to changes in requirements.



All of our equipment is tested to our strict test schedules before despatch to ensure that the equipment is delivered to site ready for the customer to energise without problems.



We can undertake the installation of all equipment that we have manufactured. Our installation team have experience in a great range of sectors.

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