Enerlin X

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could connect your switchgear to your Ethernet data system in the same way that you do a printer? Also wouldn’t it be a good idea if someone developed a system that can also give you details on the devices in your switchgear? Like how are they running, are they going to need maintenance in the near future? Sound like a wish list doesn’t it? Well there is a solution.

Hallson are a Schneider Electric Enerlin’X partner. The Enerlin’X system offers metering and device monitoring in a simple cost effective solution that can be easily connected by it’s own IP address to your site Ethernet system. No software is required and devices can be set up to send email alerts to engineers so that any problems or potential problems can be addressed quickly and efficiently to keep disruption down to a minimum.


Don’t have an Ethernet system or want to monitor your sites from a remote location? Not a problem. Local colour touch screens fitted to the equipment gives you all of the information that you require to keep your equipment running. Schneider Electric Energy Insight application uses a GPS connection to present all of the information gathered from the equipment and presents it in a webpage accessible only by you. This information is presented to help you identify usage and maintenance schedules.

Schneider Electric Enerlin’X can be retro fitted into existing panels that contain Schneider Electric NS/NT/NW ACB’s and NSX MCCB’s.