GCP Range


These units provide a quick connection solution for when a rental generator is required to supply the site, no more removing switchboard covers & cables to gain access to a connection point with the risks of these busbar connections or cable connections not being re-tightened correctly. They can also be used in a standard standby generator scheme for generator cover when the standby set needs to be maintained.

Hallson GCP units are suitable for use outdoors and can either be wall mounted or floor standing. They are provided with a number of plug in connector units to enable quick safe connection of the generator tails. The plug in connection unit ensure that the earth cable is first to be connected and last to be disconnected, this ensures maximum operator safety.

GCP units can be provided as an ‘engineered solution’ with additional extras such as start/stop single connection, generator auxiliary supply feed, Voltage sensing, Castell interlocking with the site incoming circuit breaker.