TMA Range


The range can be supplied in standard ACB ratings from 800A to 6300A. The single way units contain a three pole fixed pattern ACB with the manufacturers standard overcurrent protection unit. These single way units are designed to sit between the radiators of a standard BS ONAN distribution transformer.

To accommodate site requirements for multiple feeds the TMA range of cabinets can be provided with multiple ACB’s. These units are also designed to connect to a standard BS oil filled distribution transformer and are provided with an extension trunk and adjustable legs to provide a complete transformer connected solution.

As all specifications are not the same and some site require specific solutions we are able to provide engineered solutions if required to meet the customers needs. Such units could require metering, communications to building metering system, trip units including UEF or REF protection, inter-tripping with MV, specific protection requirements, system interlocks, special cable arrangements or top entry cabling.