Indoor LV switchboards


Hallson LV switchboards are available with ACB, MCCB or fuse switches. Dependent on the customer preference all devices can be included.

As standard our switchboards are painted RAL7035, however if a customer has a preferred colour from a standard RAL colour chart we can normally accommodate this request.

Engineered solutions include metering systems (with or without connections to BMS systems), specific protection requirements, automatic change over systems, site specific interlock systems.

A newly built substation constructed specifically to accommodate a switchboard is not always available, to help with having to work with these existing installations we can provide the switchboard in an ā€˜Lā€™ or even ā€˜Uā€™ shape to ensure that the unit fits the available space.

Want to save money by not having transformer to LV switchboard tails? Why not connect the switchboard directly to the transformer (either cast resin or oil filled)? We produce a range of switchboards that can be provided with a trunk connection to connect to the transformer.

Power factor correction is an increasing requirement to save energy these days. Hallson can provide a switchboard solution that includes power factor correction. The PFC units can be supplied either as a standard unit or alternatively a detuned unit when harmonics are present. Another development of the PFC unit is thyristor switched units, these units once running produce no lag on the PF correction and provide almost constant PF values.